• Our Herb House •

At StoneFalls Gardens, our Herb House offers many varieties of annual and perennial herbs.

Most herbs are sold in 4" pots; however, we do carry artemisa, bee balm, echinacea, hyssop, lavender, nepeta and thyme in larger containers.

NOTE: Herbs love full sun and dry soil. Some herbs such as chives, mint, sweet woodruff and tarragon can tolerate some degree of shade.

Our Herb House is one of our 4 greenhouses. See our Annuals at Stonefalls Gardens.

New Hampshire herb house

Here is a partial listing of the herbs we carry:

Artemisia – perennial/ornamental
Basil – annual/culinary
Bee Balm – perennial/ornamental/fragrant
Chamomile – perennial/medicinal
Chives – perennial/culinary
Cilantro – annual/culinary
Dill – annual/culinary
Echinacea – perennial/ornamental
Hyssop – perennial/ornamental/fragrant
Lavender – perennial/ornamental/fragrant
Lemon Verbena – perennial/culinary/fragrant

Mint – perennial/culinary/fragrant
Nepeta – perennial/ornamental/fragrant
Oregano (Greek) – perennial/culinary
Parsley – annual/culinary
Rosemary – annual/culinary
Rue – perennial/ornamental
Sage – perennial/ornamental
Sweet Woodruff – perennial/ornamental
Tarragon – perennial/culinary
Thyme – perennial/culinary/ornamental/fragrant

Each year, we try to carry a few unusual and different herbs.
Please contact us at 603-428-6161 to ask what they are this season.

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